Matt Maddox - Asylum Artistry

The Matt Maddox album "Asylum Artistry" is set you release phyiscally on July 8th and digitally through Who?Mag distribution on July 27th

Matt Maddox is one emcee that takes Hip Hop to another level with first solo album titled Asylum Artistry Releasing late Summer on RedPhone Records. Matt, a Long Beach Cali native, Hawaii raised takes the background of not only his versatile residencies to his Moroccan/Russian-Polish heritage. Matt says for this album he was Inspired by Hip Hop greats From Afrika Babaataa to NWA to Kool G Rap to Nonphixion. Matt describes his passion for this project "I feel that I have a duty to perform as a MC. We the peoples voice through music and we as authors are here to capture and convey the unseen and be the voice for the voiceless."

Surely this is a dope blend of Old School foundational artists as well as New School up and coming Heavy Hitters. A great balance of the fundamentals with a refreshing new school style of flowing and a well rounded topic basis that features 19 tracks with the talents of: CANIBUS, Sadat X, Sabac Red, Lord Lhus, Beast 1333, Just-1 & more plus sick production by 6 different producers Ganjak,Nohokai Prod.,Nevahmind,Nakmuay, Darkiitect & Desmond Bones.

When asked about what the process of making this album was like Matt explains "My inspiration for this Album was alot of the current events and the world in general on many mediums. Alot of Anti-illuminati talk and global realization." Also inspired by the feeling of alot of HIP HOP cultures fundamentals were being lost in translation or transition as far as the mass populace's view of it.

Currently you can Pre-Order Asylum Artistry via paypal for only $15.99!